Oct 7, 2014

Report Fraud: it's the law!

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is a minion to corruption. Details at

GRAND JURY ISSUES WARNING....IMPLORES Governor-elect George W. Bush to cleanup fraud and corruption at the Texas Department of Insurance.

"In closing, Your Honor, we are obliged to offer our negative observations of the State Board of Insurance. During our investigation we found closed minds, lack of cooperation, a tendency to overlook and wink at blatant misapplication of funds, filing of false financial statements, and apparent undue influence by outside lobbyists and lawyers,"..."We feel that the State Board of Insurance has become stagnant, content to sit back and allow the insurance companies to regulate themselves without proper supervision or control. View letter..page1, page2, page3.


According to the sworn affidavit of "Bush Team" endorsed CPA, R. Larry Johnson, MONY first started cooking their books in 1982. Coopers & Lybrand / PricewaterhouseCoopers has issued unqualified opinions falsely claiming to be independent on financial statements with hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal transactions. MONY's Chairman, Michael I. Roth, is a former Coopers & Lybrand partner. Mr. Johnson, whose affidavit is available on this site, was unaware of the Florida Department of Insurance letter to Mr. Roth at the time of his affidavit and did not know of the outside financial dealings between MONY and Coopers & Lybrand that violated the auditor independence rules.

During 1998 PricewaterhouseCoopers used the fraudulent financials to take MONY public with the blessing of the SEC's Northeastern Regional Director, Carmen J. Lawrence. Ms. Lawrence was then rewarded with the position of Co-Partner to Harvey Pitt at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. Mr. Pitt was then appointed Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission by President Bush. Mr. Pitt and his minions at the SEC now refuse to answer FOIA requests to protect PWC and President Bush's illegal dealings with MONY.

 Additional information concerning corruption @ the SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION is availabe @


See U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.."Financial Pedophile"....


Wayne Carlin

Northeastern Regional Director

Securities & Exchange Commission

Subj: FOI Request / PWC
Date: 07/17/2002
CC: ,

Wayne Carlin
Northeastern Regional Director
Securities & Exchange Commission

To:Wayne M. Carlin  
Barry W. Rashkover

Dear Sir:

Today I spoke with Barry W. Rashkover about the 14 companies that were not identified in the SEC news release about PWC. He refused to identify the companies. I am assuming that this is a ploy to hide MONY's fraudulent financials generated by PWC that the SEC allowed to be used in their IPO.

Under Freedom of Information I request the names of the 14 companies that were not named in the PWC  action by the SEC listed below.  

"In the Matter of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities LLC, Exchange Act Release No. 46216 (July 17, 2002)"

"The SEC's order finds that, by virtue of PwC's independence violations, the firm caused 16 PwC public audit clients to file financial statements with the SEC that did not comply with the reporting provisions of the federal securities laws."
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Tx 76034

The SEC refused to identify the 14 companies that PWC took public with fraudulent financial statements! Subj:    
Date:    06/22/2002 2:08:34 PM Central Daylight Time    
From:    RAbshire    
Wayne Carlin
Northeastern Regional Director
Securities & Exchange Commission

Dear Mr. Carlin:

As I am sure you are aware, your predecessor Ms. Carmen J. Lawrence and a number of her minions participated in the MONY cabal.  I recently spoke with former SEC attorney Gary Langan Goodenow and asked him to review the site with emphasis on the Lawrence letter responding to my request of Mr. Levitt.  He has referred to the letter as "damning" and has also agreed that PWC is not independent with regard to MONY's financial statements. 

I also call your attention to the WSJ article on the site that references an alleged investigation by the SEC. I have confirmed via FOI that there was never any investigation and that Ms. Dorothy Heyl now claims her files were lost in the 911 disaster.  It was Ms. Heyl who contacted me after Mike Schroeder went to the SEC with the Lawrence letter and the other documents that I gave him. I personally find Ms. Heyl's use of the 911 disaster to hide criminal conduct to be disgusting at best. 

I have now put up the site and wanted to make you aware of it's content.  I will be updating it on a regular basis going forward.  You may want to review my other sites @

If after reviewing the above sites you find any information that is incorrect or you disagree with I request that you contact me ASAP so that I can make the appropriate corrections otherwise I will assume that you and the SEC are in full agreement with the content.  You should also consider this as a report of fraud and other criminal activity submitted under whistle blower and state insurance law statutes.


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, TX 76034                 817 267-2020

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, TX 76034

Texas Insurance Commissioner, Jose Montemayor, saw nothing wrong with this $5,000,000 per acre Texas property listed on MONY's financial statements! MONY based the dividend scale for their "investment grade" life insurance policies on double digit returns on this type of investment. They then lied to the sales force about the underlying interest rate assumptions and claimed to be using conservative 7 to 7.5% and that the investments were solid!

McNenny Fraud Report: The Indiana Department of Insurance determined that the Securities and Exchange Commission should be the ones to investigate violations of Indiana insurance laws. The SEC has no such power!

Arizona Department of Insurance letter (page1, page2) concerning PricewaterhouseCoopers selling bonds to MONY while claiming to be their "Independent Accountant" and issuing unqualified opinions on financial statements claiming more than a BILLION DOLLARS in unallowable and nonexistent assets!

R. Larry Johnson, CPA, Affidavit MONY started cooking the books in 1982!

Gov. G.W. Bush Personally Profited

from a real estate transaction with MONY after he knew that their financial statements were false!

January 13, 1997

Governor George W. Bush

Sent via Fax - 512-463-1849

Dear Governor Bush:

Wayne Slater has now made me sick twice! Once when he showed me your "PAC" contributions and now with his "THE POWERS THAT BE" article. While he made subtle digs at the lifestyles, business failures and manners of Democrats he failed to mention yours and Mr. Bomer�s "rubber necks" over the $600,000,000 "bad audit" of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York and the attempted cover-up by the Texas and New York Departments of Insurance.

Senator Phil Gramm�s office claimed he was "POWERLESS" to cause the New York Department of Insurance to produce accurate, concise and complete financial statements for the years 1989 through 1995. Senator Alphonse D�Amato didn�t respond and ran under the same rock with Mr. Bomer and the Fraud Unit when they found out I had secretly taped recorded our meeting.

Now I am receiving calls from policyholders and former employees wanting my documents because the Texas and New York Departments of Insurance are "stonewalling" and refusing to answer Open Records and Freedom of Information requests. My time does not permit me to answer these requests, however, in order to accommodate those individuals, I sent out the documents to be copied and will be forwarding that information to you, Mr. Bullock, Mr. Sharp and Mr. Junell and will then simply refer callers to one of you for their open records request.

Under the Open Records Act, I again request that you provide me with accurate, concise and complete financial statements for the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York for the years 1989 through 1995. I also request copies of the audit done by MONY on the $4,500,000 loss in the Los Angles agency during 1991 and the audit done by MONY on the officer�s home theaters and stereo systems. I also request that you supply me with properly amended and signed Schedule Gs correcting the millions of dollars in false entries and omissions that have been improperly recorded with the New York Department of Insurance for the years 1989 through 1995. In addition I request complete details of the payments to officers covered by the "Secret Phantom Stock Plan".

The framed picture with your documents is the "Turtle Creek" property listed on MONY�s financial statements at $18,080,000 and the Dallas Appraisal district office at less than $3,000,000. Maybe you could put it in your baseball case to remind you of why voters put you in office.


R. Dale Abshire

c.Lt. Governor Bob Bullock, Representative Robert Junell, Mr. John Sharp, Comptroller

VIEW RESPONSE: From Gov. G. W. Bush


Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has helped hide MONY's fraudulent financial statements and the looting of the company! She personally profited from the illegal acts while thousands of her constituents were being defrauded! Senator Hutchison actually produced a copy of the audit of MONY that disclosed more than $600,000,000 in illegal transactions and claimed it was an accurate financial statement for the company! She could not explain the $687,000 that had been paid to her husband's law firm and not disclosed, as required by law, on the 1994 Schedule J filed in Texas.
According to independent CPA reports on file with the Texas Department of Insurance and in former Governor George W. Bush's office, A. Frank Smith, Managing Partner of Vinson and Elkins, was on MONY's Board when MONY first started filing fraudulent financial statements. Webster Hubbell went to prison for less than this.�����.Quote from Wassell v MONY
"MONY's counsel's time is not only excessive, but in at least some respects appears suspect. For example, on March 19, 1996, Shadow Sloan, a Vinson & Elkins associate billed time while in New York for "telephone conference with John McCole...." On its face, this entry seems reasonable; John McCole was the former manager of MONY's Scranton, Pennsylvania agency where Wassell worked as a sales manager. The problem with Ms. Sloan's time entry, however, is that John McCole died in 1994. The fact that Ms. Sloan is billing MONY for time on March 19, 1996 for "telephone conference" with a dead man at least raises curiosity regarding the veracity of MONY's counsel's bills."

Account Number MUT750 81007
Billing Attorney Douglas E. Hamel
Invoice Number 1211137
3/19/96 SSL0 Meet with Paul Yacyahyn, to work on discovery 9.00
responses / telephone conferences with John McCole
and Bob Fete: review documents regarding

Note 4: If Ms. Sloan actually spoke with Mr. McCole in 1996, then her hourly rate should be higher than a meager $203.00 per/hr.

Senator Phil Gramm / Financial Pedophile

Senator Gramm's office claimed he was "POWERLESS" to cause anyone to produce an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for MONY/ Mutual of New York! He graciously accepted at least $54,000 in contributions from MONY's lawyers and today MONY Group Inc. is a publicly traded company that owns a bank and the Texas Teachers Retirement Fund has lost millions on MONY's stock! Thousands have been cheated out of their educational funds, retirement funds, death benefits and placed in tax traps that can destroy their financial well being while political figures on both sides of the isle stuff their sacks!


lSamuel J. Foti

President and Chief Operations Officer

MONY IFS NEWS - July 26, 1988

Foti to head Agency Operations: Sam Foti has been named Director of Agency Operations with responsibility for MONY's career agency system and its field administration, training and EDP support units. Mr. Foti, who reports to Managing Director of Field Operations Charles E. Lavezzoli, CLU, joins MONY after a 15 year career with Metropolitan Life where he held a series of field and home office management positions. Most recently, he was the vice president in charge of developing the marketing relationship between Metropolitan's sales force and the company's real estate subsidiary, Century 21. Mr. Foti holds an undergraduate degree from Oxford University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Commenting on the appointment Mr. Lavezzoli noted that having worked closely with Sam Foti I can personally attest to his superior competence, personal skills and commitment.


The MBA from the Wharton School of Business was also a lie! After MONY found out about his having lied about his educational background, they promoted him to the presidency of the company and made him a member of the Board.


Michael I. Roth

MONY Chairman & CEO

Office of the Treasurer (now US Senator Bill Nelson)
Department of Insurance
State of Florida

April 21, 1994

Mr. Michael Isor Roth, President,
Chairman of the Board and CEO
The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
1740 Broadway New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Roth:

Based upon a review of Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York's 1993 Annual Statement, it appears that the company is in non-compliance with the following Florida Statutes:

1. Pursuant to Section 625.333(2)(a), Florida Statutes, an insurer's limitation in real estate for investment purposes (including joint ventures and participations) is 5% of admitted assets. The company's investment of $1,636,633,686, which included joint ventures, exceeds the company's limitation of $484,879,721 by $1,151,753,965, which is therefore non-admitted.

2. Pursuant to Section 625.031(2), Florida Statutes, loans to officers and directors are not allowed. Therefore, the company's loans of $75,382, General Interrogatories, item 17b., is non-admitted.

3. Pursuant to Section 625.305(4)(d), Florida Statutes, the company's limitation in bond obligations which have been given a rating of 6 by the Securities Valuation Office (SVO) of the NAIC is 1/2% of the insurer's admitted assets. The company's investment of $62,281,579 exceeds the company's limitation of $48,487,972 by $13,793,607.

4. Pursuant to Section 625.327(3)(a), Florida Statutes, an insurer's limitation in a mortgage loan (other than mortgages on dwellings not intended for occupancy by not more than four families, if it is Insured up to 95%) shall not exceed 75% of the value of the property. Schedule B-Part 2-Sections 1A and 1B reports 44 mortgages which exceed the loan to value limitation by an aggregate amount of $37,426,073, which is non-admitted.

5. Section 625.141(2), Florida Statutes, requires methods valuing bonds to be consistent with the method formulated or approved by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) or its successor organization, and as set forth in the latest edition of its publication "Valuation of Securities." The company has reported bonds acquired prior to 1993 in the aggregate amount of $14,227,655 with a designation of "Z" which indicates an obligation with a designation not such bonds is a standard industry practice and is required in Florida under Rule 4-137.001(4), F.A.C. These bonds have been non-admitted. Provide to the Department evidence of submission to the NAIC Securities Valuation Office of all bonds designated as Z.

6. Pursuant to Section 625.031(6), Florida Statutes, an insurer may not allow as assets, securities which are in default. The company's investment of $31,004,423 in mortgages of which interest is overdue more than 1 year, per Item 2(a), Notes to Financial Statements, is non-admitted.

7. Pursuant to Section 624.408(4), Florida Statutes, the company's required policyholder surplus is $100,000,000. The company's adjusted surplus after non-admitting the amounts in items 1 through 6 above is negative $648,106,483, which is deficient of the above stated requirement by $748,106,483.

A summary of surplus as to policyholders is as follows:
Reported Surplus: $600,174,622
Less Adjustments:
Item 1-Investment Real Estate:
Section 625.333(2)(a) -1,151,753,965
Item 2-Loans to Officers & Directors:
Section 625.031(2) -75,382

tem 3-Investment in Bonds Rated 6:
Section 625.305(4)(d) -13,793,607

Item 4-Investment in Mortgages:
Section 625.327(3)(a) -37,426,073

Item 5-Investment Non-Designated Bonds:
Section 625.141(2) -14,227,655
Item 6-Investment in Mortgages in Default.
Section 625.031(6) -31,004,423
Adjusted Surplus: $-648,106,483
Less Required Surplus as to Policyholders: -100,000,000
Total Surplus Deficiency: $-748,106,483

Please provide to the Department within fifteen (15) days, the company's plan to attain compliance with Florida Statutes. Failure to respond within a timely manner will result in administrative action by the Department.

Your response may be forwarded to my attention.


Leslie Blank
Financial Examiner

cc: John C. Woods, CFE, Financial Examiner / Analyst Supervisor


Senator Fred Thompson, whose military record consists of.... Hunt for Red October with Sean Connery...Flight of the Intruder with Danny Glover and William Dafoe.... and Aces:Iron Eagle III with Lou Gossett, Jr., refused to help his own constituent, the orphaned child of a decorated war hero who had been defrauded of 100s of thousands of dollars at the hands of thugs! The Freedom of Information request concerned falsified expense vouchers being used by MONY management to make illegal campaign contributions to elected officials!

Date: 98-03-04 22:52:14 EST
From: RAbshire

Dear Senator Thompson,

My brother held the Navy Cross, a Silver Star and 39 Air Medals when he was run over and killed by a drunk driver. His only child now lives in Tennessee and owns an insurance policy he purchased for her prior to his death. Can you help me get the New York Department of Insurance to answer my Freedom of Information requests?


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Date: 98-02-24 11:01:35 EST
From: RAbshire
CC:, BushPACked

Ms. Bonnie Steingart
General Counsel
New York Department of Insurance

Dear Ms. Steingart,

As you are aware, Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P. has acted as outside auditor for MONY for many years. You also are aware of the cover-up that took place as the result of the "Murphy Audit" conducted in 1992 and suppressed until late 1994.
You are also aware that Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P. acted as the vendor on the Anthony Crane Rental L.P. transaction on 9/29/94. Your refusal to answer F.O.I.L. requests along with Mr. Walter Ricciardi's attempt at the "Two Step" leaves little
doubt as to the seriousness of the situation.

Under F.O.I.L., I request that the New York Department of Insurance supply me a list of all insurance and investment companies that use Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P. as their outside auditor.

I also request that you supply me with any and all information in the care, custody
and control of the New York Department of Insurance that in any way relates to false expense vouchers being used for "political contributions".

I also request any documents, files or communications in the care, custody or control of the New York Department of Insurance relating to any investigation of MONY officer's "Home Theater" and "Stereo Systems" that are mentioned in the Alexis Daniels Affidavit.

I also request a copy of the 1997 Audit of MONY that was conducted by the New York Department of Insurance.

In light of Coopers and Lybrand's "conflict" during 1994 and the false financial statements that were filed with regulators and the SEC, I request that you ask Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P. to "withdraw" as outside auditor.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 817 267 2020 or fax at 817 267-5055.

R. Dale Abshire

The Honorable Fred Thompson
United States Senator
State of Tennessee July 21, 1999

Dear Senator Thompson:

Re: 3/4/98 request / attached

You referred the above referenced request to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for response out of senatorial courtesy. She did not respond. For your records I submit a copy of a July 6, 1999 letter to Governor Jesse Ventura requesting his help. There is little, if any, doubt that Mr. Arthur Levitt and members of the SEC have knowingly allowed Goldman Sachs to take MONY public with false financial statements, false opinion letters, false actuarial opinions and false examination reports fabricated by the New York Department of Insurance.

Thousands of your constituents have suffered the same loses as Mr. Brown who is mentioned in the "McNenny" letter that is attached to the letter to Governor Ventura. I am also attaching a copy of a letter to Mr. Brown's state senator, Ms. Florence Shapiro.

Can you help me obtain an accurate and properly opined financial statement for MONY and an explanation from the SEC for their having allowed this to happen?


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034


On Feb. 6, 1996 Dan Rather's "Eye on America" aired a false and misleading program about MONY. The next day MONY issued a retraction blaming CBS for the misinformation and shortly thereafter implemented further cost reductions and eliminated another 300 jobs. On October 4, 1996 CBS attorney Mr. Michael Albeth returned my call to Dan Rather. He informed me that CBS would go to great lengths to keep me from finding out whether Mr. Rather and CBS had received a copy of MONY'S retraction and knew the program was false and misleading.
Mr. Rather and CBS ran behind their lawyers, refused to comment and did nothing to correct their part in misinforming the public! Misinforming Americans is wrong! Knowing you misinformed Americans and doing nothing about is disgusting to say the least! Mr. Rather and CBS should come forward, tell the truth and apologize to the American people for their actions!

Date: 98-04-06 14:40:29 EDT
From: RAbshire
To: Carol_Frasier@TDI.STATE.TX.US

Dear Ms. Frasier,

I have now received the information pursuant to my Open Records request for the "complete investigative file of MONY." Included in the file is a copy of my November 15, 1995, "consumer complaint" to Mr.Bomer that he did not bother to answer. The file also contained a sworn affidavit signed by Ms. Alexis Daniels regarding the officer's "home theaters and stereo systems" along with other sworn affidavits by actuaries and CPA's that raise serious questions about the financial statements of the company. There was also a copy of the last audit of the company, which revealed $600,000,000 in illegal transactions.

The TDI contended that the 1994 financial statements of the company filed in Texas were correct and that I should rely on the "unqualified opinions" of Coopers & Lybrand. The financial statements revealed a "CONFLICT" by Coopers & Lybrand (the Anthony Crane transaction ) and failed to disclose $687,000 paid to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's, husband's law firm. The Florida Department of Insurance found a $150,000,000 problem with the real estate on the 1994 statement. The $5,000,000 per acre "Hobo Condo" property was not involved nor was it included in the sale to Governor Bush's associates. As a matter of fact, this $113 /sq.ft. property is about the only real estate owned by the company that hasn't been written down on the 96 and 97 financial statements. Considering the strong rise in real estate values in 96 and 97, it leaves little doubt as to the correctness of the prior valuations of the properties.

This is to confirm that Mr. Bomer and the Texas Department of Insurance took no action with regard to this consumer complaint. If you have any evidence to the contrary, you should fax it to 817 267-5055 immediately. If I have not received satisfactory proof by April 9, 1998, I will assume that you are in agreement with the
above statement. Further comment is forthcoming.


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro

August 13, 1999

via fax: 972 378-3718

Dear Senator Shapiro:

Your constituents have received, via the U. S. Mail, a solicitation letter (Exhibit A) to purchase stock in The MONY Group Inc.....

Please consider this as a report of "suspected fraud" as mandated by Article 1.10D of the Texas Insurance Code. Enclosed and marked as Exhibit B is a copy of a letter from the Arizona Department of Insurance detailing financial transactions between MONY and Coopers & Lybrand / PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. from 1994 through August of 1998. Exhibit C is a copy of the Actuarial Opinion signed by Mr. Jesse M. Schwartz of PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. that was filed with MONY's demutualization documents and mailed to all policyholders in the solicitation of their vote on demutualization. Exhibit D is the first and last page of the 1997 New York / N.A.I.C. examination of MONY that is on file at the Texas Department of Insurance.

Coopers & Lybrand / PWC have issued "Unqualified Opinion Letters" on MONY's financial statements falsely claiming to be "Independent" when they are clearly not as detailed in Exhibit B.

Mr. Schwartz who signed Exhibit C is in fact a former Actuary and MONY employee who was responsible for the creation of the MONY products that were used to defraud your constituent, Mr. Andrew Brown. Mr. Schwartz has in fact rendered an opinion on his own work. Work that according to the Connecticut Department of Insurance used unrealistic projections of 10.5 to 11.5%.

Exhibit D, the last audit of MONY, is a fraud. As previously indicated in the McNenny letter in your file, the New York Department of Insurance used a fraudulent signature page to authenticate a government record and hide the true financial condition of MONY.

The author of Exhibit A, Mr. Michael I. Roth, is a former partner at Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P. and is fully aware that MONY's financial statements are false and lack the proper certification of independent accountants as required. His failure to disclose this information in his solicitation is impermissible and immediate action should be taken to protect the public.

If you have any difficulty with the accounting issues, I can give you the names of some of your other constituents who are CPAs as well as MONY policyholders that will be glad to answer your questions.


R. Dale Abshire

4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.

Colleyville, Texas 76034 817 267-2020 fax 817 267-5055

Signed copy and exhibits faxed to 972 378- 3718