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April 19, 1998
Governor George W. Bush
Sent via Fax 512 463-1849

Dear Governor Bush:

I recently obtained information from the Comptroller's office indicating that your office had approved a number of state contracts to Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. As you know, Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. has for many years acted as independent outside auditor for The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, commonly referred to as MONY. A check of your records will show an "Open Records Act" request that I made to you on January 13, 1997 that has gone unanswered. You are also aware of my reports of "Suspected Fraud" to the TDI regarding MONY's false financial statements.

Through an "Open Records Act" request, I have now obtained the complete investigative file of the TDI Fraud Unit's alleged investigation. Contained in that file were sworn affidavits of two (2) CPAs, an actuary and a number of former employees which detailed massive fraud and out & out theft of policyholders funds. Also included was a copy of the "Secret Phantom Stock Plan" and the "Audit" conducted by the New York Dept. of Insurance that revealed $600,000,000 in illegal transactions. The file also contained information regarding Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. acting as the vendor on the sale of a $8,500,000 financial instrument to MONY while acting as "independent outside auditor" and issuing "unqualified opinions" on financial statements containing hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal transactions. Considering your comments last year about the Land Commissioner using poor judgment in giving a convicted felon a job, I would be interested in what precautions were taken to protect Texans when you granted state contracts to an accounting firm that is on "Probation" for "BID Rigging" in Arizona.

Under the Open Records Act, I request that you supply me with copies of any notices, warnings, advisories or communications to state agencies or employees relating to Coopers & Lybrand's involvement in the Gov. Fife Symington / Arizona "Bid Rigging" scandal that resulted in millions of dollars in fines and probation by the USDOJ. I also request a copy of any and all documents in the care, custody or control of your office that set out the terms and conditions of the probation and settlement. I also request a copy of any special bonding or special procedures established for dealing with Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. Surely, Texas has not allowed a company on probation for criminal activities to have access to sensitive medical records at the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse or confidential information on investments at the Texas Teachers Retirement System. There has to have been some safe guard put in place to protect taxpayers funds and I want to see it. Show me what was done to protect the sanctity of my lottery ticket.

Your previous refusal to answer an Open Records request for an accurate, concise and complete financial statement for MONY along with your knowledge of the $5,000,000 per acre land and the TDI refusal to investigate the Home Theaters described in the "Daniel's" affidavit or the $686,000 payment to Senator Hutchison's husband's law firm that someone forgot to disclose on the financial statements filed in Texas, causes me concern. Under the Open Records Act, I request a copy of any financial transaction in your care, custody or control between The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York ( MONY ) and you or your agents. I want to know if you now own any of the assets that supported my family's insurance policies that have shrunk in value by more than $4,000,000.


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034
817 267-2020 Fax 817 267-5055